It's my bro's b'day!

Leap years are usually strange, because it's a longer month, by ONE day in the month of February. Usually Feb is a short month, giving the year a quick acceleration into March, the first quarter almost done. Plus Feb is when all the pesky tax admins are due.
So when the 27th February approaches, I know it's getting close to my sibling's big day, and over the years this landmark occasion usually has one quirky aspect to it... meaning, should he have been born just 2 days later on a leap year, this would have been really strange and woahhhh.....!!
How many children are born on this strange day?!! Imagine you only get to celebrate your real b'day every 4 years?? The rest of the time you would need to make do on the 28th Feb, meaning the day before your actual birth. It's like falling through the cracks, being mis-filed, minding the gap, an ad hoc placement, randomly assigned... You get my drift...!?
I think I need to research this and see how many births occur every Leap Year on 29th February :)
    (Edit: an estimated 4.1 million leap-day babies exist in the world. They are called "leaplings" or "leapers" or "leap-year babies". Some celebrate on 28th Feb or 1st March while others only observe their birthdays on the authentic intercalary date!!!)
So in memory of my brother Pierre today, I would like to just mention how much I dearly miss him, and his amazing personality, empathy and love for people. I learnt so much from my older brother, and I would not be half the person I am today, if he did not grace this planet with me, while I was growing up with him. He was my guardian angel then, and nothing's changed. I still feel him in my life. See you one day again Pierre, on the flip-side of this virtual playground for sure!
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