An Oyster Metaphor

There is something so sacred about the oyster. It teaches us about resilience and adaptability to its environment like few others can.

For example, while still in it's embryo Veliger stage, it develops a foot and an eye. The foot is used to find a safe settling spot where it will cement itself to stay and grow for the rest of its life, and it uses its eye to find it, investigate and once in position the settling in follows.

After this little adventure the two physical attributes are discarded, and no longer required. The Oyster literally "lets go" of what it no longer needs... it then focuses on its next developmental stage.

What can we learn from this?

How easy is it for us to let go of our old beliefs and ideas, things, opinions, status, ego and even our fears and dis-ease we hang on to?

Are we able to make a leap of faith and Let Go...? (Especially when a situation is toxic, yet we are STUCK in the same repetitive pattern because even that feels strangely bizarrely "good", safe and familiar? How crazy is our lizard brain...?)

What if I can be truly happy, no matter what?

And what will that look like?

And who would I need to BECOME to experience this kind of happiness?

And what stands between me, where I am now and my FUTURE vision of ME?

And what do I need to to LEARN to SHIFT inside myself to be in the perfect position to attain that?

Can these questions above trigger the START of an interesting journey, to explore your yearning for Freedom through learning to become Adaptable?

Ponder any one of these questions today, especially the one that catches the eye and seems to jump off the page, waving it's arms and saying "pick me, pick me" ....because gorgeous, inside the QUESTION lies the GATEWAY to the great Metamorphosis, even the humble oyster knows this.

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