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With 10 years experience it's my mission to help people get back on their feet ASAP in the most practical as well as intuitive way possible.

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Using the wisdom from the oyster, I am creating  a sacred wisdom journey, very useful in a busy world where we get caught up in ALL the overwhelming "have-to-do's" every day. 

Before we know it we find ourselves on a massive treadmill with seemingly no end to it. 

Learn how to create more freedom and wisdom gleaned from the humble oyster. You will be surprised and awed!

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The Gap Map

What would it be like to slow things down during difficult times? 

By pressing "PAUSE" in a powerful way we can navigate far better, make clearer and healthier decisions rather than reactive ones that usually have destructive consequences and not easy to restore.

Let me show you what to do during the PAUSE time and how to RESET yourself to overcome anything that has you feeling STUCK with seemingly no way FORWARD...?

During the GAP you will follow a process which will have you arrive into a space of FREEDOM, CONFIDENCE and a RENEWED sense of LOVE and TRANQUILITY.

Is this possible? Yes, the Universe ALWAYS has your back and I will show you how to navigate into calm states.

LET'S start HERE,... an analogy:

"We are what we eat... and the reality is we DON'T ONLY eat with our mouths.

We eat with our eyes, ears, nose, taste buds, sense of touch, AND dare I say it, we have an intuitive sense that feeds us information all the time.

And added to that is our intuitive emotional intelligence to constantly sample everything that's going on around us.

We "eat" by touching, hugging, seeking sensual arousal, nourishment and sacred love medicine, all of which is vital for our well-being, inside and out.

Seriously, every aspect of our lifestyle, love, health, relationships, nutrition, learning, entertainment seeking, are all forms of "eating", absorbing, imbibing, devouring, sipping, contemplating and processing....

We are creatures that predominantly CONSUME, we need the next endorphin "hit", our hunger & foraging nature never ceases. We are prone to addictive behaviors, and these have us locked into programmed behaviors. We loop inside stuck patterns and don't know how to get out. Even financial success, inner peace, well-being... etc. has everything to do with what we allow or resist from day to day...!

The question we need to ask our deepest innermost wise self is:

What in me needs to be purged in order for me to live a life of full self-expression and freedom?"

SOON as we choose to BE CURIOUS, we can start looking INWARD, and we WILL find ALL the answers we need, and I am able to guide you and work with you on your journey.

Lisa The Oyster Lady

From Toxic to Free

Download this Guide to make a phenomenal shift in any area of your life which is not working, an area where you crave freedom specifically, and thereby aim to achieve full self-expression.

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